Behind the Scenes: BIG 10 Men’s Soccer Championship


Behind the Scenes: BIG 10 Men’s Soccer Championship


If you were at Grand Park minutes before the Big 10 Men’s Soccer Tournament was set to begin you would see acre after acre of beautifully manicured fields, clean facilities, and employees in their places anxiously waiting for the crowd.

When visitors step foot onto the Grand Park Sports Complex, they are amazed by its massive size. The pristine condition of the grounds and facilities is what impresses visitors most when they come to Grand Park. What visitors witness the day of a tournament can take weeks, months, even years of hard work that happens behind the scenes to secure events such as the Big Ten Tournament.

I’m the luckiest person at Grand Park because I get to hear all of the compliments that visitors have about the complex. At the end of my work day as the hospitality and volunteer coordinator of Westfield Welcome, I leave feeling like a million dollars because of all of the positive feedback my volunteers and I receive.

I wanted to share with you some of those compliments the Westfield Welcome crew heard from visitors who attended the Big Ten Men’s Soccer Tournament.

  • “The fields are the best we’ve ever played on.”
  • “This park is so clean.”
  • “This place is huge…. I can’t believe how nice it is!”
  • “Well-organized events…. we will definitely be back.”
  • “Thank you for the ride assistance…. we wouldn’t have been able to make it without you!”


Since I’m welcoming visitors during the tournament season, I’ve gotten to know all of the players who work for the different entities that put on the production of tournaments and events. I’m proud to work alongside all these people and their dedication motivates me to contribute 100%. Westfield Welcome is the visitor experience at Grand Park and my main goal is to make sure everyone enjoys their time with us, and it seems to be working!

This blog is a nod to everyone who makes sure every event at Grand Park is a success and not just for the major events, like the BIG 10. To Indiana Sports Properties (ISP), Bullpen Tournaments, Urick Concessions, Brightview Landscape and Maintenance, Jonathan Byrd’s Restaurant and Entertainment Group, Grand Park Operations, Westfield Police, Westfield Fire and Medics, Westfield Welcome, event directors, referees, umpires, and volunteers, thank you for taking pride in Grand Park and helping it reign supreme as one of the best complexes anyone has ever had the pleasure of visiting!

Written by: Erin Shockley

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